Thursday, December 2, 2010

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit...

... is a little hard these days.

Shall I explain my situation to you wonderful people?

1. We have no Christmas decorations to speak of anywhere in my home (My dad's gone on a trip so we've not done anything)
2. We didn't really have a Thanksgiving dinner this year (Again, Daddy gone = fun gone)
3. I haven't been able to listen to the radio much with school avalanching on me, so no Christmas music!
4. I haven't gone to the big stores in a while, like the malls or Walmart, so no Christmas-y feelings there

And what day is it? Oh yeah, the 2nd of December! Christmas is twenty-three days away! Dude!

(Note: I know Christmas is all about Christ. I am not downplaying that in any way. There's just something special about Christmas and the whole festive feeling about it, and I seem to be wanting.)

Prism has always had a problem with getting into the whole happy, giddy, let's decorate the Christmas tree feeling. The problem is almost as big as the problem Prism has with talking about herself in third person.

Note: This is NOT my image

Can someone turn on "happy elfish Prism"?

How about you guys? Getting into the holiday spirit? What have you been doing? Any suggestions for me?



Sananora said...

Well, I can understand the decorations part (my family hasn't put them up either). But really that shouldn't take away or put more into the Christmasy spirit.
I've been ready for Christmas to come since before Thanksgiving. I was just waiting for it to get past Thanksgiving so I could sing Christmas Carols without making my family go crazy =)

Rachael said...

totally with you prism!

Emii said...

Christmas Must Be Something More, by Taylor Swift -- check it out!:)

Bella said...

Hey girl I know that I havent been on in a while so i aint been able to find out weather you got the book or not. I hope you did and i hope you enjoyed it. Let me know

God bless


Jazmine~ said...

A good way to get into the "Christmas spirit" I think is to listen to music...
But since your busy with school and all, I'd honestly reccomend (if you can concentrate while listening) putting Christmas music on your iPod or some sort of transportable music player and then listening to that while you do homework.
At home or out and about... =) thats what I like doing

Sierra said...

Aww! That is sad my dad had to work on Thanksgiving so we did ours the day after. I'm kind of in between I think that seeing the presents under the tree,buying presents and cold weather(+ more) get me into the mood.Sing Christmas songs to yourself as you go to sleep.Maybe that will help some.

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