Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review of Angry

Emma is angry… really angry. Angry by Laura L. Smith is the story of a girl who learns to turn to God and put her complete trust in Him in the midst of a time that is tearing her family apart.
Emma thought her life was normal until her parents suddenly get a divorce. Her life suddenly crumbles into pieces and she becomes enraged about her life- her family, her friends, and even herself. Through this hard time, she learns that God is with her, her family, and friends. The drama, literally, of this period of her life ends and as the curtains close, we see beauty through pain.

This book clearly portrays the life of a girl like so many out there. The author’s voice shines as she clearly describes the relatable life of the main character. Emma is real in her likes- she loves acting and singing, and this element adds more depth to the story as it centers on her involvement in a production of Les Miserables. I liked how the author didn’t make the book preachy but didn’t hide the message of the book so much that a reader has to dig to find it. The relationship Emma has with her siblings is also admirable.

Emma is angry in this book, and because of that, she does show disrespect sometimes. Her parents get a divorce because her father has an affair, and the reader finds that Emma had a relationship with a boy that left her scared of a pregnancy in the past. Nothing is discussed other than the fear she had that she could have had a baby. 

All in all, I rate this book three out of five stars. 

Specifics (from amazon.com) :
~Paperback: 160 pages
~Publisher: NavPress (August 24, 2010)
~Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches 

Note: I received this book freely from Navpress for reviewing purposes. I am not obligated to write a positive review- only an honest one. 


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