Monday, May 10, 2010

There's So Many Modes of Reading...What To Choose?!

It's been a while since I did a poll!
The latest one is about ebooks, audio books, and good-ol'-fashioned paper books.

Which one do you prefer, and why?

Of course, I know we all have our reasons, but here are some of my views:

NOTE: Yes, I am an informed reviewer, as I have used all three of these modes of reading to a considerable degree. *feels vocabulary-ish* ;)


PRO: Hel-lo, people for hundreds of years have gotten along just fine with these educational wonders! It's classic, it's cool, and most of the time, it's not that expensive. You can't break a book into a million pieces if it's accidentally dropped on concrete! It's a form of entertainment you can take into schools and not be questioned about! You can put REAL bookmarks in REAL pages, bookmark different places, and actually SEE how far along in the book you are!

CON: Not so fun for late night readings, kind of bulky to tote around, and people can read over your shoulder. 


PRO: It's modern and sleek! You can own SO many books in one LITTLE device, and you don't have to run to the bookstore to get more! You can do late-night reading without all of the hassle of a flashlight and waking up others with that page-turning noise, and other can't very easily read what you are reading. (You know who those people are, the annoying read-over-your-shoulder folks. They're great people, just annoying =D) It's AMAZING for people on the go!

CON: One time whopping price for the digital reader or iTouch/iPhone. Note so good for bookmarking, seeing how far you are in a book, and electronic devices can strain your eyes. 


PRO: Okay, you don't even need to READ on this one! Pop in your earbuds, and soak in an adventure. You can listen to a story while doing anything, walking your dog, writing an assignment, dude, even while reading other books! It's SUPER awesome for a road trip with the family. You can take and adventure while listening to one!

CON: Yeah, though I put it into the pro as I joke, I have to admit it's really hard to do other things while listening to an audio book. You just have to sit down in a dark little corner, shut your eyes to the world, and just listen. (Again, joke here, but it is really hard to do other things and listen!) I have found audio books to be my least favorite mode of soaking in a story. The audio books also depends on not only the quality of the book itself, but also on the sound quality and narrator's expertise. 

God Bless,


Milli said...

Classic paper books all the way! Besides, I ca't afford a e-book:D

Araken said...

Physical books are the best!

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