Monday, November 10, 2008

GoMC's bookshelf!

So here is my bookshelf, with almost all of the books I own! Some of them are being loaned or are somewhere else :D

Can you guess what some of the books are?

God Bless,


Twin for God said...

I did! A lot of them! Just a few...
Just Ella- I've never read it but I've heard of it. Is it any good?
Phantom Stallion Books- Once my obsession... :D
Heartland- I've only read the first three... and it was a long time ago so I don't remember much.
Little Women- Nice!
Anne of Green Gables- Love!
Narnia- Great!
Nancy Drew- Pretty good.
White Fang- For the life of me I can't remember reading this book... but I KNOW I have... *sigh* Maybe not.
I could name more but this list is getting long so... :D

~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

Well, Just Ella is okay. I didn't care for it much. From a Christian's point of view, I don't recommend wasting your time reading it. I found it pointless and was glad it was only 25 cents at a local resale store. But hey, it's a book, and I love books so it's on my shelf :D

Ohhhhh! The PS series is awesome. I still love them so much. Terri Farley is in the middle of writing PS Wild Horse Island. An amazing series with a Hawaiian girl with the Phantom's sister!

I'm not the biggest fan of ND....That's why I just have one. Plus a friend gave it to me.....

Eh, I didn't really like White Fang. Too much animal sadness!

Lauren Ann said...

I love Anne of Green Gables and Little Woman. Well those aren't my favorite books, but their high on my list. =)

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