Saturday, September 27, 2008

Review of Eternity's Edge by Bryan Davis

Though this book is a new release and won't officially be out for 4 days, I'll give you somewhat of a preview! It is now available in some stores I have seen, and my library has it on order, so I decided to share my review now.

Eternity's Edge, book two in the Echoes From the Edge Series, is an exciting addition that is (if possible) more exhilarating and more mysterious than Beyond the Reflection's Edge.

Nathan Shepherd continues his quest to find his parents and save the world by preventing interfinity, a collision of dimensions, along with Kelly, Daryl, Dr. Simon, Clara, and Patar in the maze of different worlds.

Strange things begin happening. The people experience wacky weather, strange dreams, and widespread pandemonium all caused by interfinity, and Mictar, one who seeks to control the cosmos, is at large.

Nathan and Kelly set out to restore order and prevent Mictar from destroying the dimensions, and discover the secret of the quattro, a mirror that holds many secrets.

Will they stop interfinity? Will Nathan find and rescue his parents?

Find out in Eternity's Edge.

I highly recommend this book! It has action, humor, selflessless, and wonder. A reader will keep the pages turning as they dive into the adventure alongside the teens.

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Paris said...

I still need to read the first book!

Araken said...

I got that book, and stayed up past midnight to finish it! It has my recommendation as well!

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